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Approval and Publication Phase

After being available for open consultation the updated draft PCR must go through an approval and publication phase. This phase normally lasts about four weeks, but depends on the current work load and availability of the members of the Technical Committee. The approval and publication of PCR documents include the following elements:

1. Finalisation of PCR proposal
2. PCR review
3. Disclosing open information about the approval of the PCR document
4. Setting the validity of PCR documents

Finalisation of PCR proposal

The PCR moderator is responsible for drafting the final draft PCR with the PCR committee. The final draft shall take the comments received during the open consultation procedure into due consideration.

The PCR moderator and PCR committee shall prepare a report including a description of the open consultation process carried out, the parties invited to and participating in the consultation, the main comments received and how these have been handled. In case certain comments have not been considered, this has to be justified.

The PCR moderator shall inform about the finalisation of the PCR proposal via the PCR Forum and send the final draft PCR and the associated report to the Secretariat for review by the Technical Committee.

PCR review

The PCR review procedure is carried out by a panel associated to the International EPD® System called the Technical Committee (TC). The TC consists of selected persons knowledgeable in the field of LCA/PCR/EPD and working both in official organisations, companies and research organisations. See Section 2.1.2 for more information on the TC.

The members of the TC and the acting chairperson are presented at the website to the International EPD® System and may be contacted via the Secretariat..

The review shall address the following:

  • that the PCR development process have been carried out according to the General Programme Instructions,
  • the compliance according to relevant standards and the General Programme Instructions regarding the choices for the LCA (system boundaries, allocation rules, etc.),
  • how the PCR moderator has handled the feedback received during the open consultation.

The review procedure can either lead to:

  • the full acceptance of the PCR proposal,
  • the acceptance of the PCR proposal with comments to be fulfilled,
  • the need for further clarification and amendments required by the TC.

In case the TC gives comments on PCR proposals, it is the responsibility of the PCR moderator to follow up that these comments are considered in the preparation of the final version of the PCR document. In case the TC needs further clarifications or amendments to the text, the PCR moderator is responsible for providing the TC with a new version of the PCR document.

If the PCR moderator does not comply with the comments from the technical review, the Secretariat may terminate the PCR development process.

It is recommended that the update of the draft PCR is done within one month of the comments provided by TC to avoid any draft PCR to become stalled in such a late phase of its development. If the PCR moderator does not comply with the comments from the technical review, the Secretariat may chose to terminate the PCR development process.

Disclosing open information about the approval of the PCR

As soon as the PCR document is approved, the programme operator shall publish it on the International EPD® System website with associated information presented on the website including general information about the scope of the PCR and CPC codes, registration identity, PCR moderator, contributors in the preparatory work, etc. together with the possibility to directly comment on the document via the PCR Forum. The comments and recommendations made by the TC in the approval procedure of the PCR shall be publicly available upon request. The responsible parties may provide more detailed background materials and reports developed in the process of preparing the PCR document, if found relevant.

Setting the validity of PCR documents

The validity of PCR documents is specified for a pre-determined period of time from the date of the approval. The validity shall be announced on the website and in the PCR document.

It is important that a PCR document has a validity time with a reasonable sufficient length to safeguard market stability. The period of validity should preferably be linked to the hierarchic level of the PCR in the CPC classification scheme, where PCRs on a lower digit level (being less product-specific) may be accurate for a longer time period. The period of validity shall be subject for a judgement of the consistency of the LCA calculation on a case-by-case basis with input from the PCR moderator and settled by the programme operator.

A reasonable average period of validity may be in the range of three to five years.