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Consultation Phase

All draft PCR documents shall be subject to an eight week open consultation phase before officially being approved. The consultation phase includes the following elements:

1. Constitute the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group
2. Prepare the open consultation procedure
3. Invite/alert people ta take part in the open consultation
4. Reply to comments received during open consultation

PCR Forum

Use the PCR Forum to publically comment on PCRs on open consultation. You may also send your comments directly to the PCR Moderator.

Constitute the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group

As described by the Guidance for PCR development, it is pertinent that the appropriate stakeholders be identified and invited to the PCR Committee or to the public consultation so the PCR will reflect the input of a balanced and representative stakeholder group. The PCR Moderator and programme operator shall actively reach out to relevant stakeholders. The following parties should be involved in the open consultation procedure:

  • any interested part asking specific questions about the PCR or people/organisations requesting to be invited to the consultation,
  • the PCR Committee for covering and handling specific issues related to the relevant product category under study/discussion,
  • other relevant stakeholders within the industry, LCA/EPD experts, member organisations of the stakeholder network of the International EPD® system and verifiers within the International EPD® System,
  • the PCR moderator responsible for administrating the comments received during the consultation phase. The PCR moderator may also continue selected duties later on when the PCR document is subject for update,
  • the programme operator responsible for administrating the website and cover any activity related to the PCR development process during their approval, publication and updating phases.

Prepare the open consultation procedure

Open consultations should be carried out as an open internet-based participatory process making use of the PCR Forum. Open consultations can also, supplementary to this procedure, include a public meeting or a webinar.

An open internet-based consultation via the PCR Forum expands the possibility to broaden the participation of stakeholders from different parts of the world. The use of the PCR Forum also has the advantage that it facilitates participation from interested parties having difficulties to attend meetings, e.g. NGOs and environmental groups.

A public meeting or a webinar provides the possibility for interested parties to actually meet and discuss the PCR proposal. It also gives the possibility for the company or trade association to early inform about upcoming EPDs to appear on the market.

A public announcement of the open consultation shall be presented on the International EPD® Systems website by the programme operator and preferably also by the parties preparing the PCR as appropriate. It is therefore important for the PCR moderator to be in close contact with the programme operator prior to the open consultation.

Invite/alert people to take part in the open consultation

Open consultation via the PCR Forum shall be carried out in cooperation between the PCR moderator and the programme operator to make the necessary preparations on the Internet. This cooperative effort involves:

  • the preparation of the PCR proposal to be discussed,
  • the publication of the document on the website and
  • direct contact with members of the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group and other relevant stakeholders with information that the PCR document is open for discussion and comments. They should be actively encouraged to spread information about the consultation to other relevant stakeholders.

At the onset of the open consultation procedure all members of the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group and other relevant stakeholders may preferably receive a separate mail informing them about the upcoming consultation to take place with guidance on where to find the relevant document as well as information on how to respond and give comments via the PCR Forum. A deadline for the consultation period shall also be given. The open consultation period lasts for eight (8) weeks.

It is the ambition of the International EPD® System to maintain contact with the members of the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group even after the consultation process in order to keep them informed about experiences and progress made by using the PCR in practise. This activity will hopefully motivate members of the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group to maintain as group members until a revision of the PCR is about to take place.

Open consultation via public meetings shall be arranged by the parties involved in the preparation of the PCR. Aspects to consider include:

  • Invitations should be sent to representatives for authorities, branch- or interest organisations, companies and organisations relevant to the product or service and other parties with an interest to take part of the meeting including all relevant international parties
  • Possibilities shall be given to provide written comments
  • An overall and understandable presentation of the International EPD® System shall be available for the audience
  • Comments received at the meeting shall be documented and considered in the final version of the PCR proposal

A template for comments during the open consultation phase is available for download here.

Reply to comments received during open consultation

The PCR moderator shall make a summary of the comments received and the proposed changes in the document and publish it on the PCR Forum. It is also recommended that the PCR moderator replies individually to all stakeholders that have provided comments during the consultation.