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Updating Phase

A PCR document is valid for a pre-determined period of time, whereafter the document shall be revisited in case there is a need for an update. The updating phase includes the following elements:

1. Possibilities to give comments on PCR documents
2. Updating following comments received
3. Prolonging the period of validity following no comments received

The PCR Forum

Take part in discussions about PCRs. To the PCR Forum

When the validity time is about to expire the PCR moderator shall initiate a discussion with the programme operator how to proceed with updating the document and extending the period of validity. If a PCR has expired, the document shall be updated before being used to produce new EPDs or to register an update of an existing EPD with a prolonged validity.

The latest version of the General Programme Instructions and the relevant PCR Basic Module shall be used as a basis for the PCR update. Recent developments in LCA methodology, standardisation and alignment with other PCRs published in the International EPD® System or other ISO 14025 programmes shall also be considered.

PCR documents can also be revised during its validity period, provided significant and well-justified proposals for changes or amendments are presented. This includes the publication of a new version of the General Programme Instructions, new LCA-based information generated in the relevant industry sector, special market demands not covered in the existing PCR document or comments received during the validity period of the document being of sufficient technical relevance or minor edits for clarification.

It is important to simplify the procedure for updating a PCR document with the necessary involvement of interested parties. A reminder of the need for an eventual update of a PCR document may be indicated on the website.

Possibilities to give comments on PCR documents

It is possible for any interested party to comment on the PCR document during the period when the document is in use. These comments will be filed by the programme operator and valuable as inputs when the PCR document is subject for an update. Comments on the PCR documents can be provided either directly via the PCR Forum or sent to the PCR Moderator and programme operator.

In case of any substantial and immediate change of the document is required, such a request can be sent to the programme operator. The request will be processed through the Technical Committee (TC), which will decide upon the urgency of the matter. In case the request is found appropriate, the programme will inform the PCR moderator and initiate the revision process. Minor changes for clarification of the document may be handled by the Secretariat.

Update following comments received

The PCR moderator shall be engaged in the updating of a PCR document and lead the revision process. In case no PCR moderator exists for the product category under study, the programme operator shall initiate the process also trying to engage another person to accept taking the role as PCR moderator.

The revision process shall start well before the validity time for PCR document expires to give due time for announcing and collecting comments. An update of an existing PCR document usually takes less time compared with the preparation of the initial document, but it is recommended that the PCR update is initiated six months before the expiration of the PCR.

The PCR moderator shall announce the updating process over the PCR Forum clearly indicating the time for providing comments. In case a PCR Committee exists, they shall be engaged in the work and informed about the possibility to give comments on the document. The need for a new open consultation and technical review on the document is based on the magnitude of the update.

Prolonging the period of validity following no comments received

In case no comments have been received on available PCR documents, the programme operator can prolong the validity of the document, providing there are good reasons for extending the validity of the document, e.g. by a special market request. In such a case, a less formal open consultation is to recommend for checking the accuracy of the document by means of consulting the PCR Committee or by involving the Product Category Stakeholder Consultation Group. If there are no major technical changes in the document, the Secretariat can publish the new version without involving the Technical Committee.