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Five steps to create an EPD®

Process to create EPD®

Five steps to create an EPD®

General Programme Instructions

Detailed information about how to create an EPD® is available in the General Programme Instructions.

Creating an Environmental Product Declaration in the International EPD® System includes the following steps:

  1. Find or create relevant PCR document for the product category
  2. Perform LCA study based on PCR
  3. Compiling environmental information into the EPD reporting format
  4. Verification and certification
  5. Registration and publication

An EPD® is normally valid for three or five years after which the declaration must necessarily be revised and reissued. Read more about EPD® validity here.

When the EPD is published, the EPD logotype may be used. Read more about rules for using the logotype.

There is a fee structure connected to the registration and publication of approved EPDs within the framework of the International EPD® System including a registration fee and an annual fee. The registration fee is to be paid for registration and certification of EPDs and pre-certified EPDs. The annual fee is to be paid per organization, and covers all EPDs registered by that organization. Read more here.