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Find or create relevant PCR

Find or create relevant PCR document

For comparability, an EPD is based on valid Product Category Rules (PCR) document. If a relevant PCR does not exist, it shall be created. The International EPD® System also includes the possibility for pre-certification of EPDs as a step in the process to develop PCRs.

Finding a PCR document

Product Category Rules (PCR) documents already exist for many product groups and are developed continuously. In the PCR database of the International EPD System, available PCR documents and PCR documents under preparation may be found.

Search for PCRs in the International EPD® System

PCR documents may also be available from other programme operators. According to the standard, ISO 14025, it is stated that programme operators can facilitate harmonisation when developing PCR for a product category by considering readily available PCR documents in the same product category and in the appropriate market area. The requirements and process for recognition of PCRs from other programmes are available in the General Programme Instructions.

If a relevant PCR does not exist (or has expired)

If a PCR does not exist for the product category of interest, this has to be prepared, be subject for open consultation and approved. PCR documents are prepared in an open, transparent and participatory process among companies and branch organisations in order to ensure the provision and input of appropriate product-specific knowledge and expertise.

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If the validity period for a PCR has expired, the document can be reactivated and updated for a prolonged period of time.

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Pre-certification as a step to prepare PCR

A company/organisation can be allowed to have a product or service pre-certified during a limited period of time as a step to prepare PCR for the product category of interest. Pre-certified EPDs carry some limitations, however.

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