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Registration & publication

Registration & publication

After verification, EPDs shall be registered and published in the EPD database at www.environdec.com. Registration is administered by the Secretariat.

The information below applies to all countries except those where the system collaborates with local contact persons and local procedures exists (currently: Australia, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and Turkey). Contact the Secretariat for more information.

The following documents shall accompany an application to register an EPD®, and be sent to the Secretariat at registration@environdec.com.

  • EPD registration form (link to template)
  • Final version of the EPD® after verification in PDF format. The EPD may be provided in one or multiple languages, and in multiple versions formatted for desktop computers or mobile use, if relevant. If the EPD® is not available in English the document shall contain a summary in English with the main content of the EPD®;
  • Verification report in English as provided by the verifier (only verifiers on this list are accepted). For construction product EPDs compliant with EN 15804, a special verification report template has been prepared and shall be used (link to template). The report is normally not published with the EPD, but shall be available upon request (while adhering to data confidentiality) according to ISO 14025;
  • Product description in English to be used at www.environdec.com. The description may also contain a brand logotype if different from the company logotype;
  • Picture of the declared product or service to be used at www.environdec.com;
  • Company logotype (only needed in the case of first EPD registration).

Please note that due to technical reasons, the maximum size of a single e-mail is 15 MB.

For information about the costs and fees for registration, please see this page.

Upon registration, the applicant will receive a formal confirmation and the EPD® will immediately be published on the Internet. The Secretariat will contact you if any documentation is unclear or missing. Registration numbers for upcoming EPDs may be pre-booked by contacting the Secretariat. Such pre-booked registration numbers are normally expected to be used to register an EPD within a period of three months.

A registered EPD® will be kept published until the company contacts the Secretariat for deregistration and withdrawal of the document.

Digital version of LCI/LCA information

Voluntarily, the EPD owner may also submit an electronic version of the LCI/LCA information from the EPD to be published in parallel with the EPD at www.environdec.com. This can be a useful service for customers and other stakeholders to use the data in their own assessments.

Additional options during EPD registration

There are currently a few voluntary options during EPD® registration. These options may be subject to fees, described on this page.


Any organisation that so wishes can have an electronic certificate issued proving that the EPD® is registered and published within the International EPD® System. The certificate is issued by the Secretariat upon request during EPD registration.

The certificate is provided after confirmation that the invoice for the registration fee has been paid.

A certificate of a successful EPD verification (or EPD Process Certification) is sometimes issued by a certification body or individual verifier as part of their process. If such a certificate is provided, the verifier shall inform the company that EPD registration is a mandatory step of the EPD process.

Climate declaration

Choosing this option means that the Secretariat prepares one single-page Climate Declaration based on the EPD. A Climate Declaration is intended to be used as complements to the EPD and will refer back to the EPD for information about other environmental impacts. The Climate Declaration is published alongside the EPD at www.environdec.com

Use of the ECO Platform EPD logotype

This option is only applicable to EN 15804-compliant EPDs for construction products. The correct verification report template must have been used (dated 2014-10-30 or later).

Choosing this option means that the EPDs:

The additional fee of using the ECO Platform logotype will be invoiced by the International EPD® System, which in turn pays the fee to the ECO Platform.

ECO Platform EPD EN 15804 VERIFIED™ is a trade mark registered by ECO Platform. The ECO Platform EPD logo may only be displayed in ECO Platform EPD documents together with the logo of the program operator and the ECO Platform EPD reference number. For detailed rules about the use of the ECO Platform EPD logotype, see this page.

Dual registration into other programmes

As part of its efforts for international harmonization of EPD information, the International EPD® System has made mutual recognition agreements with three established EPD programmes: IBU in Germany, AENOR GlobalEPD in Spain and EPD Norway.

These agreements allow EPDs that are registered in the International EPD® System to also be published in any of the other programmes (and vise-versa), carrying two registration numbers and two logotypes for increased market recognition. More information about dual registration into other programmes can be found here.

Use of the EPD® Logotype

Following the registration the organisation having the EPD® can make use of the International EPD® System logotype for various market purposes. You can download different versions of the logotype and read more about its use on this page.