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It is essential for the market acceptance of EPD that the data and other environmental information given are considered reliable and trustworthy. The underlying data, the data handling and the EPD itself should therefore be subject for an independent verification and official registration.

Recognized verifiers

Only approved individual verifiers or accredited certification bodies may carry out EPD® verification. The current list is available here.

The standard ISO 14025 states that the rules for verification shall be set up in accordance with the standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14020. The justification of independent verification of LCA data is explained in ISO standard 14040: Life Cycle Assessments - General Principles and Framework indicating that the results of any LCA study shall be critically reviewed before the information can be used for comparative purposes.

Underlying data and the EPD® reporting format shall be independently verified externally witihin the framework of the international EPD®system either as:

  • EPD Verification (most common alternative): verification of LCA-based data, additional environmental information and the EPD®, conducted by a recognized individual verifier or an accredited certification body, or as:
  • EPD Process Certification: verification of an internal organisation process aimed at developing EPD®s according to the General Programme Instructions. Only accredited certification bodies are allowed to certify an EPD Process. Read more here.

All types of information and data shall be independently verified. This means that the independent verifiers, whether internal or external to the organization, shall not have been involved in the execution of the LCA or the development of the declaration, and shall not have conflicts of interest resulting from their position in the organization.

The list of approved individual verifiers and accredited certification bodies is available here.

Verification report

The verification procedure shall be transparent and result in a verification report in English by the verifier. The report shall document the verification process, while adhering to the rules of data confidentiality. This report shall be included in the EPD registration request and available to any person upon request.

The verification report shall state if the verification is the first to be done by the verifier in the scope of the International EPD® System, as this verification may be subject for an additional check by the Technical Committee.

For construction product EPDs, compliant with EN 15804 a checklist/verification report template has been developed and is available here.