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22, 2017

Two new regional hubs launched in the global network of the International EPD® System

Brazil and India

At the 5th EPD International Stakeholder Conference in London on September 20, the International EPD® System announced the most recent expansion of its global network: the EPD India Hub and the EPD Brazil Hub (to complement EPD Latin American Hub already established in Mexico and Chile).

The new regional hubs will provide local support and promote the use of EPDs in their regions. The hubs will also be responsible for registration of EPDs into the International EPD® System library at www.environdec.com for companies in these two countries.

“The interest for EPDs is growing globally, and we are very happy to include new regional partners in our global collaboration, who will help to make EPDs more accepted and used as an important vehicle on a global market,” says Kristian Jelse, Programme manager of the International EPD® System.

The Indian and the Brazilian hubs are the latest in a group of regional hubs of the International EPD® System, which also includes New Zealand and Australia (Australasian EPD Programme), Chile and Mexico (EPD Latin America) and Turkey (EPD Turkey), The International Secretariat with offices in Sweden and a helpdesk in China handle EPD registration and helpdesk requests for all other countries.

Companies, LCA consultants, certification bodies or other stakeholders in India and Brazil are welcome to contact the regional hubs or the EPD International Secretariat for further information.