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Highways, streets and roads (except elevated highways)

PCR information

This document provides Product Category Rules (PCR) for the assessment of the environmental performance of UN CPC 53211 (Highways (except elevated highways), streets, roads) and the declaration of this performance by an EPD.

This PCR has been developed with consideration to other PCR initiatives such as CEN standard EN 15804 "Sustainability of construction works - Environmental product declarations - Core rules for the product category of construction products".

This PCR document is publically available on www.environdec.com. The PCR document is a living document. If relevant changes in the LCA methodology or in the technology for the product category occur, the document will be revised and any changes will be published on the website.

The PCR document may be downloaded in PDF format on the right side of this page. The free registration will also enable you to post comments on the PCR Forum.

Detailed information

Name: Highways, streets and roads (except elevated highways)
CPC Code(s):53211 Highways (except elevated highways), streets and roads
Approval date: 2013-10-18
Registration No: 2013.20
Valid until: 2022-01-10
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 2 (2013-)
Based on: Basic Module: Constructions
Related PCR(s): Railways
Bridges and elevated highways (replaced; de-registered)
Bridges, elevated highways and tunnels

Previous versions:

The Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket)
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen)
WSP Sverige AB
Asplan VIAK AS

Valid location(s): Global
Prepared by: The Swedish Transport Administration, Tyréns
PCR moderator(s): Susanna Toller  The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

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