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Cleaning cloths

PCR information

This document provides Product Category Rules (PCR) for the assessment of the environmental performance of Cleaning cloths (floor-cloths, dusters and similar cleaning cloths; UN CPC 2719), and the declaration of this performance by an EPD.

The PCR document is a living document. If relevant changes in the LCA methodology or in the technology for the product category occur, the document will be revised and any changes will be published on the international website: www.environdec.com.

The PCR document may be downloaded in PDF format on the right side of this page. The free registration will also enable you to post comments on the PCR Forum.

Detailed information

Name: Cleaning cloths
CPC Code(s):2719 Other made-up textile articles (including floor-cloths, dish-cloths, dusters and similar cleaning cloths, life-jackets and life-belts)
Approval date: 2013-12-03
Registration No: 2013:22
Valid until: 2022-01-02
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 2 (2013-)
Based on: Basic Module: Textile articles other than apparel
Related PCR(s): Professional cleaning services of buildings
Valid location(s): Global
Prepared by: CE.Si.S.P. (Centre for the Development of Product Sustainability), FALPI
PCR moderator(s): Michela Gallo  CESiSP, University of Genoa

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