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Sub-PCR-E Wood and wood-based products for use in construction (EN 16485)

Can I have copy please?

by: Mats Zackrisson (MatsZ) 06 December 2017, 2:40:45 PM (GMT +1)

I cannot download draft PCR, thus cannot give any comments unless you send me a copy of the draft to mats.zackrisson@swerea.se

Re: Can I have copy please?

by: Kristian Jelse (kristianjelse) 07 December 2017, 9:17:59 AM (GMT +1)

Dear Mats,

This sub-PCR will simply be an implementation/adoption of the CEN standard into the PCR library of the International EPD System. As we cannot copy text from the standard, the document here will likely only make references to the standard for all methodological guidance. The exact format of the sub-PCR is being investigated. You can find the CEN standard for purchase via your standardisation body.

Best regards,
Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

Re: Can I have copy please?

by: Mats Zackrisson (MatsZ) 08 December 2017, 9:39:13 AM (GMT +1)

OK, thanks

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