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What are Product Category Rules (PCR)?

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To be able to fulfil high market expectations for a number of practical applications, EPDs have to meet and comply with specific and strict methodological prerequisites. These expectations include the possibility to add up LCA-based information in the supply chain and to compare different EPDs. To achieve this goal, common and harmonised calculation rules have to be established to ensure that similar procedures are used when creating EPDs.

However, groups of products usually differ in their inherent environmental performance requiring specific rules to the product group, so-called Product Category Rules (PCR), to be developed. The PCR documents shall be regarded as complementary to the General Programme Instructions, which set the overall LCA calculation rules of the International EPD® System.

The General Programme Instructions shall be considered as the main reference for the PCR development. During the PCR consultation some specific requirements could be discussed even if not strictly aligned with this General Programme Instructions. Reason for any deviance from General Programme Instructions shall be explained in the PCR document, and are subject for approval during the PCR review.

PCRs published in the International EPD® System shall be developed and published in English. Translated versions of the PCRs may be offered as well, but the English version takes precedence in case of any discrepancies.