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Validity of PCRs

A PCR document is valid for a pre-determined period of time, whereafter the document shall be revisited in case there is a need for update. Expired PCRs are listed as such on www.environdec.com.

When the PCR has expired, the document must be updated before being used to produce new EPDs or to carry out an update of an existing EPD. The latest version of the General Programme Instructions and the relevant PCR Basic Module shall be used. Recent developments in LCA methodology, other PCRs published in the International EPD® System and other ISO 14025 programmes should also be considered.

The PCR moderator shall be engaged in the updating of a PCR document and lead/supervise the revision process. The Secretariat will announce the update on www.environdec.com. In case no PCR moderator exists for a PCR, please contact the Secretariat at pcr@environdec.com to discuss how to best proceed.
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