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About The International EPD® System

The International EPD® System is a global programme for type III environmental declarations operating in accordance with ISO 14025. Via our General Programme Instructions, we operate a system to verify and register EPD®s and maintain a publically-available library of EPD®s and PCRs.

For construction products in Europe, the programme additionally aligns with the European standard EN 15804, and we are a founding member of the ECO Platform.

The programme is open for companies and organisations in any country.

Our logotype

The logotype symbolises a yardstick, a standardized tool for objective measurement. An EPD® presents the environmental perfomance of products and services in an objective and standardized way.

The International EPD® System has, as a main objective, the ambition to help and support organisations to communicate the environmental performance of their products (goods and services) in a credible and understandable way by:

  • offering a complete programme for any interested organisation in any country to develop and communicate environmental declarations according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804, supplementary information on particular environmental issues, such as the carbon footprint of products according to ISO/TS 14067 as “Single-issue EPDs,” and
  • supporting other environmental declarations programmes (national, sectorial, etc.) in seeking cooperation and harmonisation and helping organisations to broaden the use environmental declarations on an international market  

The International EPD® System offers a programme for organisations in any country to disseminate verified product-related information for a number of market applications, including business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.

The rules guiding the overall administration and operation of the system General Programme Instructions. The Secretariat is located in Sweden, with a Helpdesk available in China. We have partnered with local organisations to market and register EPDs in selected markets: Australia/New Zealand, Chile/Mexico and Turkey.

The International EPD® System is a founding member of the ECO Platform to collaborate with other programme operators in the understanding and application of EN 15804 for construction products. We are approved to use the ECO Platform logotype on EPDs. We are also members of the Global Type III Environmental Product Declarations Network (GEDnet).

The International EPD® System also collaborates with other programme operators acting according to ISO 14025 on topics such as PCR harmonisation and mutual recognition of EPDs.

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  • Meeting with the chair10/10/2012

    Massimo Marino is Chair of the technical committee of the International EPD System.

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