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Older versions of programme instructions

For transparency, this page lists older versions of the General Programme Instructions. If you are interested in the documents, please contact the Secretariat.

General Programme Instructions version 2.0 (2013)

Key changes in Version 2.0 vs. Version 1.0:

  • The characterisation factors to be used for the default environmental impact categories are no longer listed in the appendix. The factors to be used are instead available here.
  • Presentation of the environmental performance in terms of resource use and waste production have been updated.
  • The criteria and rules for individual verifiers has been updated.
  • The relation to PCR developed in other programmes and standards such as EN 15804 has been clarified.

Version 1.0 of the General Programme Instructions were valid (with restrictions) during a transition period that ended 2014-05-31. After this date:

  • All newly-initiated or updated PCRs shall comply with the latest version of the programme instructions.
  • Newly registered or recertified EPDs shall comply with the latest version of the programme instructions.

General Programme Instructions version 1.0 (2008)

Version 1.0 of the General Programme Instructions of the International EPD® System included four separate parts:

  • The Introduction, intended uses and key programme elements include general information of interest to the history, the rationale for the system, user aspects as well as 10 of the most prominent key features of the system to facilitate the preparation, application, operation and market value of EPD information.
  • The General Programme Instructions deals with the operational part of the documentation setting the requirements for the work to be carried out by organisations developing PCRs, creating EPDs, review PCR documents and verify EPDs.
  • The Supporting Annexes inlude various types of additonal information of importance and background for the understanding of the requirements described in the General Programme Instructions.
  • Process certification clarification. In the General Programme Instructions it is described an activity where organisations can develop and launch EPDs without a third party certifier being involved in each case. The document Process Certification Clarification, clarifies how companies shall apply a systemised manner and specifically the demands that need to be verified by a third party verifier.

A number of contributing partners were involved in the preparation of the General Programme Instructions 1.0 to the International EPD® System providing their valuable expertise and know-how , some of the key ones being:

  • AssoSCAI, Italy
  • CE.SI.S.P., Italy
  • European Commission, Joint Research Center, Italy
  • Five winds International, Germany
  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sweden
  • Swedish Environmental Management Council, Sweden
  • Vattenfall, Sweden

During the Internet Stakeholder Consultation of version 1.0, comments and input were recieved from interested parties in over 10 countries.

Before 2008

The older versions of the General Programme Instructions are sometimes refered to in older PCRs as "MSR 1998:1" and "MSR 1999:2".